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Officers for 2017

Public Relations Officer / Control Line


Maurice Doyle
Started Free Flight in 1952 or earlier, then Control Line, both very competitively, also Indoor Duration. I was a founder of the NI Association of Aeromodellers in 1971, then NI Area in 1992, and Secretary for many years. I have flown Thermal and Slope Soaring, and now Aerobatic R/C foamies, learning to use throttle and rudder. I am Interested in all kinds of Aeromodelling and Aviation, and always learning.

Vice Chairman and Education Co-Ordinator

Bill Scott
Started as a kid with the usual rubber powered models, but the first “proper” model aircraft I remember was a Keil Kraft Panther for Jetex when I was about 10. Bought from a model shop in Bedford England which was like an Aladdins cave! Got this built but never flown. A cox control line followed and then sport, school & university took over and I didn't fly anything for about 10 years.
Moved to the West Coast of Scotalnd to work and started flying again with a Mick Reeves slope soarer, followed by an SAS Ace. A move to Glasgow after surgery meant fewer slopes, so for a while I flew power on Lanark Racecourse with Lanark MFC. Then it was back out to the West coast and more slope soaring and some thermal flying. Technically at this point I was a member of Fife Soarers, but that was a 1oo mile drive each way. I flew at Scottish Nationals and Radioglide events in both 100S & Open classes and was part of the team that has run both Viking Races that were held in Scotland.
In 2002 I moved to Belfast to start a new job and joined NIMSA, where I've been CD and now Chairman. I helped run the NI Jetmasters and have attended many events on behalf of the NIAA. Within the NIAA, I have held the Glider Secretary & Secretary's positions and am currently the Vice-Chairman. As well as gliding, I now also fly electric models with the Buzzards MFC.



Bob McIvor
Married, Retired. I joined the Belfast MFC in1946 flying free flight gliders, Wakefields and power models until mid '50s when other diversions occurred. I was the junior representative on the Belfast MFC committee. Started in Shorts 1952 on Student Apprenticeship experienced workshops, drawing office and Future Project Office. Moved to Shorts Castlereagh Technical Office 1957 and worked on all the weapon systems, Seacat, Tigercat, Blowpipe, Javelin, Starstreak and target drones. Met Howard in Shorts and joined Ulster MAC in 1963. Flew R/C Aerobatic and Scale and entered local comps and MACI events. Became interested in R/C gliders joined NIMSA soon after it was formed and then BARCS and we competed at Radioglide in England and Scotland in '70 and '80s. Became interested in Indoor R/C approx seven years ago. I have held many Committee positions in the various clubs and have been NIAA Treasurer since approx 1990.
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Terry Jones
For as long as I can remember I have been interested in Aero modelling although I am not a prolific builder, as a schoolboy I used to do a lot of tow line gliding and control line, building all my own models I have fond memories of the Kiel Kraft Dolphin and balsa dust, dope and tissue. Much later I started in RC helicopters and remember vividly Dr Schulter flying the first one on a set out flight plan in 1970, my first attempts were with a fixed pitch Hughes 500 with a HB40 which weighed about as much as a large petrol two stroke nowadays a four channel radio just two sticks in a box not even any trims or reverse switches and the gyro was a length of string from the tail to my ankle. Needless to say it wasn't successful and it hopped as opposed to fly but it was a massive adrenalin rush.
Thankfully things have moved on I did eventually teach myself to fly helicopters something I wouldn't recommend to anyone the secret is get help. I then joined Ballymoney Model Flying Club and spent many happy years there until it disbanded. I then formed the Buzzards MFC. I have done just about every office in the two clubs and I am currently secretary of The Buzzards and a member of the Causeway Coast MFC which flys at Ballymoneys old site.
I fly helicopters, multi copters, fixed wing power, gliders have done free flight and control line in my youth, never really got on with small diesels I preferred the cox nitro engines. I am very keen supporter of the B.M.F.A. and particularly the achievement scheme and currently I am a fixed wing examiner. I will serve the Area as Secretary to the best of my ability and can be contacted at the click of a mouse button.
I also rc boat, race indoor rc cars every Thursday night in a hall in Ballymoney and I love rc yachts but don't have one currently, I am also keen on the multi-rotors and there technology but only have the odd flight at the club due to controversy that surrounds them at present.
Happy Landings to you all.
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Public Relations Officer

John Pearson
Details to follow.

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John Thick
My first introduction to aeromodelling in 1955 was a Veron Cardinal FF kit with a Mills .75 diesel engine. Flew control line in 70's and following a lot of failures at R/C I finally got airborne with a KK Super 60, an OS40 glow and home built radio thanks to UMAC .In the 70's I got involved in starting a club in Craigavon, with the help of Maurice and others from NIAA. and I'm still there. I'm currently involved in developing facilities in the Craigavon area and attempting to get Grant funding.
As webmaster I'll try to keep our site up to date and interesting and I depend on you all to feed me info, gossip and images to use.