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UK Gov. Drone registration proposal 22nd July

We have not predetermined that a registration scheme is required, and are consulting with genuine interest in public and expert opinion on the need and design for such a scheme. For the purposes of this impact assessment, we believe the most likely option is to introduce a registration scheme in the near future (Option 2). The final shape of the scheme would be determined in response to information gathered from consultation. Our working assumption for the purposes of this impact assessment is that the registration scheme would:


a. apply to all drone owners (leisure and commercial) for drones above 250g in weight

b. require registration for drone users rather than each individual drone

c. be administered online, through a simple self-service portal

d. be funded by a registration fee of no more than 5, ideally less

e. require renewal free of charge every 1 year

f. require users mark their drones with their registration number

Terry Jones (Sec. NIAA)

On Sunday the 25th of June 2017 the achievement day took place at The Causeway Coast Model Flying Club it was a bit blustery but otherwise fine. Chief Examiners David McClean and Robert Wallace were in attendance and also myself I am but a meagre examiner so I assisted them.
What a difference a year makes last year at Craigavon I remember John Thick from the Craigavon Club practicing for his examiners test and it was clear he needed more practice this year I did scribe for Robert Wallace while he took John on his Examiners test and what a test it was he flew in an excellent manner and was very
knowledgeable on the Theory. Well done you were justly rewarded for your hard work.
Greg Hewitt and Peter Edmundson had come to see a C demo. David McClean took them through the manoeuvres. Greg then took the A helicopter test and later in the day took his B helicopter test and even later in the day David and I took Greg on his C aerobatics test needless to say he passed all and left a great impression on me as he is a wizard on the sticks.
Craig Kane had come up from Bangor and Robert Wallace took him for his B fixed wing which he passed with flying colours.
Sadly while practicing for his A Bill Scott lost his riot but hopefully we will find it in the moss soon.
A big thank you to CCMFC for the hospitality and also to all that took part it was worthwhile.

*Breaking News* Have just been informed George O’Mullan of the C.C.M.F.C. has found Bill's Riot with minimum damage well done George.

Sun 25th June CCMFC

David McClean

 Area 13 Achievement Scheme Co-Ordinator

Well done to all those who under took BMFA Certificates today.

 The standard of flying was high, even in the gusty conditions!

 Today we had 1 x Club Examiner, 1 x Heli A & B Cert, 1 x Fixed wing B and 1 x Fixed Wing C Cert pass.

I would like to thank Causeway Coast MFC for offering to host the event and made us all feel very welcome today.

 The site was in pristine condition as always!

Bill Scott  feeling sad.

Area 13 Vice Chairman

Many thanks to the members of the Causeway coast club for the use of their field for the Achievement day today. Several tests were taken & passed, fixed wing & heli. Congratulations to everyone who passed.
I had a mare of a day :( Practicing for my A test I got too far downwind and then got into a spin, I didn't pull out. Despite Robert Wallace and myself spending an hour searching (Thanks Robert) the model is still out there somewhere.

John (Webmaster)

My thanks to all the examiners who attended and did a great job

 of puting us poor stressed out candidates at ease with helpful advice and a very positive approach to the tests.

My comiserations to Bill, it seems CCMFC has it's own 'Bermuda Triangle'

If anyone in the Dervock area finds this 'RIOT' model I'm sure he'll be suitably appreciative.

The European Control Line Championships 2019

The BMFC together with Jo Halman, BMFA Competition Secretary put forward a bid to the CIAM (Model section of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) last weekend to host this event in Belfast.

Unfortunately for us there was an alternative proposal by Gran Canaria, a very desirable tourist destination, and the CIAM decided to accept this, so our efforts have been in vain. Jo said that the Presentation was highly commended, which is some consolation for all concerned.

Maurice (Chairman Area13, Sec BMFC) thanked the Area and all those involved for supporting this effort.

Let’s hope the Area can work with the BMFC to get a team together and attend to promote our activities.

John (Webmaster) 3rd May


Wed 12th April Area Meeting