Hi folks,

 If you missed the meeting, here is your webmaster's  report.

Ten Clubs from the Area  were represented

The Area has received five requests from our Clubs for grant aid.

Due to work commitments our PRO will not be continuing next year so this post will need to be filled at our AGM.

Our long standing Treasurer has finally decided to pass on the reigns, so this will be another important post to be filled at the AGM.

The BMFA  are still supporting our cause relating to EU drone registration.

Members who need EU/MACI approval. to fly in the  South can contact Seamus (Area 13 Power Secretary) who can supply you with the necessary approvals to proceed.

 Clubs are encouraged to advice us on Fri. if their weekend event is changed or cancelled, (So we can ensure our website clients are informed).


 We request that Clubs try to have their events for next year with us by January.

Please use the e-mail (info@niaeromodellers.org.uk) for this purpose,


This years achievement scheme was a great sucess. The Area would like to encourage Clubs to consider hosting similar events next year.

The Area competitions, aerobatics, scale, fun fly, did not attract many members this year so the Area would like to invite suggestions from Clubs on changing the formats to encourage participitation.


Happy Flying
John (Webmaster)