Hi folks,

In case you missed it here is your webmaster's report.

  1. Attendance was good with 16 members representing 9 Clubs and further reports from others who could not attend.

  2. The Area is still supporting many events and exhibitions to promote our Clubs and activities and have called for more

        volunteers to help the small group who bear the brunt of these worthwhile operations (Contact Bill Scott).

  3.  The Treasurer pointed out that the area is currently operating at a small annual loss and while funds are good some

         discussion took place as to how to improve this situation ( Possibly reduce the Club grant funding).

   4. It was reported that MACI members current insurance policy expires on 14th April which may cause us problems with

         visitors from the south. The Sec. will contact BMFA Insurance to see if our Clubs can give tempory cover at our events.

MACI insurance:-

  Our Present Insurer (Brit) has advised that they are leaving the Irish Market, our broker is negotiating with a number of other insurers but to date no offers meet our requirements,in particular member to member cover. As a gesture of goodwill Brit Insurance has extended our existing policy for a further 14 days to assist us in finding an alternative.There are no further details at this time and we will keep you advised .

Chris Clarke.MACI Secretary General.

  5. The 2018 Callendar is active and Clubs are requested to submit their events and inform us of any changes

        or cancellations as soon as possible using  info@niaeromodellers.org.uk




Happy Flying
John (Webmaster)