Hi folks,

In case you missed it here is your webmaster's report.

  1. Attendance was down a bit on last year but an encouraging number of our Clubs were represented.

  2. The Area has atttended many events and exhibitions to promote our Clubs and activities.

  3.  The following Clubs have recieved grant aid for projects this year CCMF, BMFC,CMAC,SDMFC and NDMFC.

   4. Our new Treasurer is Peter Edmondson  (UMAC)

  5. Our new PRO is Craig Krane   (BEFC)

  6.  The Area would like to request that all Trophies held in trust are returned, The Vice Chairman will assist and hold them for the Area.

  7. The 2018 Callendar is active and Clubs are requested to submit their events as soon as possible using info@niaeromodellers.org.uk


. 8. There was vote of thanks for Bob's long service to the Area as Treasurer followed by a round of applause.


Happy Flying
John (Webmaster)