CMAC Club Scale

Sun 17th June 10-30am till late


This will be a light hearted event to encourage members & visitors to show off their scale models starting around 11.00am and We hope to have enough interest to encourage a bit of competition using the schedule below. We'll have the usual barbeque in the afternoon with refreshments and general flying when airspace is available throughout the day, not sure why refreshments need airspace.


CMAC Fixed wing Club Scale Schedule (Flying only)

1. Taxi and line up for take off

2. Take off and complete a Circuit.

3. Free Form (Return up wind)

4. Horizontal Eight (Lazy Eight)

5. Freeform (Return up wind)

6. Approach and Overshoot Wing Over

7. Free Form (Return up wind)

8. Slow Pass & Procedure Turn

9. Free Form (Return up wind)

10. Circuit and Landing


Flights judged on scale realism from 1 to 10 for each manoeuvre (Total 100pts).

Each Competitor to be judged by 3 competing pilots chosen at random from those entered, with the median score for each manoeuvre being recorded.

I hope I can find someone to sort out the sums.

Welcome all John Sec. CMAC.