From Bill Scott

 I've just been advised that with immediate effect all model flying will cease at the Maze/Long Kesh site under the auspices of Ulster Aviation Society. This is because this site is now the base for the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance and there can be no possibility of any interference with its operations.

Wed 21st June

From John (Sec. CMAC)

The Craigavon club has finally got a clubhouse on site


A few photos from Easter Monday's Dennis O'Hara Memorial Funfly at UMAC Nutts Corner

The Pitts

Gregory Hewitt put on an impressive display of 3-D flying

Seamus's scale Microlite

The Vultures invade the burger department

One happy camper, burgers and onions put a smile on this face.

Easter eggs all round and Gregory (Right) with the new UMAC 3-D Cup